Museum accepts donation proposal

Anna Rigamonti

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your message and the nice report of your initiative. I find it interesting…
Indeed, one of the purposes of a museum is precisely to take some significant objects and make them “crossing the time” by preserving them (theoretically forever) in its collection. Those who made most of the objects ( artworks) of a museum collection were generally unaware of the fate of their creation and the fact that someone, some time later, would decide to preserve and care for them indefinitely.
Your work emphasizes this aspect of which we often tend to be unaware. In “my” other museum, in Intragna, in a room dedicated to “Racconti in immagine” (Tales in Pictures) on one of the panels instead of a photograph there is a small mirror. Below it, a question invites one to reflect on this issue: In a hundred years, of whom and what will an ethnographic museum such as this be talking about?

We certainly welcome your donation offer, committing to preserving the drawings in our archives.
Let me know when we can arrange to meet for the delivery.

Thanking you, kind regards, Mattia